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About S.F.T.S.


SFTS began in 2006 as an online social community created by Ms Ssugah. The members began to connect with one another and the community grew quickly.  Ms Ssugah decided after reviewing music posted in the community from artists she had never heard of, that the music industry must hear these artists. 
They were writers, musicians, and great vocalists, which hundreds of promoters, dj’s and radio stations were unaware of.   Ms Ssugah created an avenue to expose these artists through talk radio. 
One of the members, suggested shortening the name, and so began; ‘S.F.T.S..’   
Ms Ssugah has interviewed many artists through talk segments and continues to network with, distribute music to DJs, recommend for performances, serve as publicist, and assist as consultant to several of these former members. A few are listed here.
Theodis Ealey 
Charles ‘KIZZO’ Kizzee 
Howard Hewitt 
Alphonse Franklin (Miracles)
Ernie Johnson  
Charles Wright 
TRÉ Williams 
T.J. Boyce 
Force MD’s 
Total Package Band 
Black Zack 
Napolean "Talent" Cook 
The Pantheress 
Wendell B'  
Roy C 
Chuck Roberson 
William ‘Poogie’ Hart (Delfonics) 
Winzell Kelly (Dramatic ) 
And more on —> Blogtalkradio/sftsradio 

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I Blues, Zydeco, Southern Soul, Country, Soul/R&B, ( ALL music will be reviewed)
Interviewing and connecting Musicians with their fans since